Mission and Principles:

The main goal of the company is to create the strongest and most efficient Portfolio Management Company in the country, so that it tries to create an appropriate foundation for managing capitals and savings through public trust, accumulation of micro capitals and attracting active participation of financial and credit institutions and providing stable interests for investors. The company considers the creation of economic added value and earning a profit more than the inflation as a necessity in pursuit of this goal. The main goals of this company are as follows:
✓ focusing on rationalism, knowledge-based activities, the use of updated technical knowledge and integrating it with informed, active and motivated human resources services in order to achieve the goals;
✓ Creating value for shareholders, employees, investors, customers and other stakeholders;
✓ Getting a major part of the market share of the asset company;
✓ Successful branding under the guise of honesty performance;
✓ Helping to make the capital market more efficient;
✓ Educating the capital market activists and do effort to raise the knowledge of active persons of this field;
✓ Guiding money towards financial markets and encouraging people to invest in stock exchanges;
✓ Helping micro-investors to enter the market successfully;

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