Investment and Asset Management:

What is Asset management:
Asset Management is the decision to buy, sell or hold securities in the name of the investor but by the Portfolio Manager in the form of a specific contract in order to obtain a profit for the investor.

Advantage of Asset management:
Asset Management has several advantages which some of them are as follows:
• Use the experiences and expertise of investment experts
• Reducing the investor's risk compared to acting by individual
• Use of maximum returns and profits according to the degree of risk averseness
• Access to details of personal portfolio investment information
• attention to diversification

Invest in Iran:
Iran has one of the emerging markets with a high growth potential. Iran has provided excellent investment opportunities in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemicals, mining and agriculture because of having many natural resources of oil and gas and mines as well as agricultural advantages and also has a competitive advantage. Also having a population of more than 80 million with young and educated population, Iran has a very good market for car and high-tech industries in addition to providing cheap labor. Having rich culture and history, Iran has many tourist attractions and need to invest in the field of tourism, sea, rail and air transportation.
The total of these factors will make Iran's growing markets one of the most attractive markets in the world and justifies investment in the financial markets of Iran.

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